Little Sparrow

The duo Little Sparrow is known for close vocal harmonies and detailed treatment of traditional Appalachian and Celtic songs, as well as finely crafted original material. Mary Dailey and Jeanne Hoffman accompany themselves on guitar and upright bass, with a good dose of acappella offerings in the mix. Both musicians have performed seperately for years and are delighted to combine their talents in creating music full of heart, soul, humor and spunk. While deeply rooted in hearth and home of southern West Virginia, the pair takes flight over mountain hollers to heathery moors and regions beyond, here and there touching down in surprisingly colorful places. Mary Dailey and Jeanne Hoffman soar with voices that blend seamlessly through an eclectic mix – heartfelt, haunting, humorous and all things between. A down home stage presence makes their show feel like a front porch summer evening with friends.

Listen to their music at their website, here:



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