The Keeney Mountain Boys


The Keeney Mountain Boys

Dustin Northern, his friends Dalton Smith and Kody Burns, and occasionally some other young virtuosos, create a powerful and young bluegrass band. Dustin, Kody, and Dalton live in Hinton, West Virginia, where they were taught the rudiments of bluegrass by their grandparents. Thus, they play the oldest style of bluegrass that there is.  In their songs, you will hear golden harmonies. In their playing, you will feel a strong rhythmic compulsion and creative “breaks” taken on the mandolin, banjo, or guitar. Dustin has played with with Ralph Stanley himself.

Listen to their music here. This session was recorded in Kody’s auto shop, where they practice.


Contact Dustin Northern at for booking info, and call him at 304-860-7520 (updated July 15, 2018).


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