CNN names the Mountain Music Trail in 50 States, 50 spots for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 10.41.02 PMThe coasts get all the glory in the United States, but there’s something fun to do in each and every state. Yes, every state. Not a believer? We’re going to prove it.

To welcome 2014, CNN is offering a travel suggestion for each of the 50 states. From some of the country’s most glorious national parks to arts festivals and cowboy culture, we’ve got you covered.

Click on Slide 48 for West Virginia’s pick, the Mountain Music Trail! “The Mountain Music Trail takes visitors on an exploration of the roots of the state’s strong music tradition, influenced by West Virginia’s Scottish and Irish ancestors and the Allegheny Mountains. The regional trail goes through five counties via U.S. Route 219, and there are festivals and workshops throughout the year.”

The Mountain Music Trail promotes the traditional music, dance, and folkways of the Allegheny Mountain region of West Virginia in Monroe, Greenbrier, Pocahontas, Randolph and Tucker counties, and shares a cultural experience that brings together visitors and residents alike, to enjoy and participate in traditional mountain folkways.

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