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A great song about how the WW I soldiers were turned down when they tried to get their veterans bonuses early, back in the Depression Days of 1932 when the unemployment rate was 25% and men were desperate. The bonuses were not due till 1945. President Hoover turned them down, and they marched on Washington Hoover then ordered General Douglas MacArthur to disperse them, which he did - most brutally.

You can read about ithe March at en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonus_Army

You can hear this 1936 recording by the Monroe Brithers at www.youtube.com/watch?v=CPun0G2y3DY

Let's hope we treat the veterans of today's wars better - and that the VA system created to serve them will be reformed and fully funded.

Thanks to Kinney Rorrer for playing this great song by the Monroe Brrothers on WVTF's Back to the Blue Ridge Sunday afternoon.
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“So listen to my story and lend a helping hand, To the poor forgotten soldier boy who fought to save our land.” These lyrics were written about U.S. soldiers who were denied a federally-promised bonus for fighting in World War I. They were written by Arkansas fiddler Bert Layne, a star performer and recording artist who played with The Skillet Lickers, Riley Puckett and others. The Monroe Brothers (pictured) recorded The Forgotten Soldier Boy in 1936, and Kinney Rorrer will play it this weekend on Back to the Blue Ridge as part of a full hour devoted to Memorial Day.

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Honoring all men and women who have served!

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